Local Speakers

Sayed Himatt

Dr. Sayed Himatt is currently supervising the communicable disease surveillance and COVID-19 case investigation team at the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar. He is also the team Leader of COVID-19 System Enhancement and Transformation Team (SETT).

Dr. Himatt is a public health and communicable diseases control expert with more than 17 years of national and international experience in surveillance, outbreak investigation, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and communicable disease control programs management. He is a trusted consultant with consistent track record in providing high-quality individual and collaborative evaluations, assessments, technical reviews and assistance for several organizations including WHO.

Dr. Himatt participated in establishing, leading and evaluating a number of public health projects including Early Warning Alert and Response Network/System (EWARN, EWARS) in war affected areas in Darfur, Sudan and in Northern Syria. He has an extensive background in leading top-performing teams, developing effective national communicable diseases control programs and strategies in Sudan and Qatar. He is an experienced team leader for outbreak investigation missions for a wide range of outbreak borne diseases.

Dr. Himatt published a number of peer reviewed and conference papers and served as reviewer for several medical journals and conferences.

Dr. Himatt is a medical doctor, Consultant of Community Medicine with a clinical medical doctorate in community medicine and European Master of Science in International Health (Tropical Medicine and Disease Control).