Local Speakers

Dr. Ismail Dergaa

Dr. Ismail Dergaa is a scientific researcher and a doctor in sport science (Ph.D.). He is currently working in the main governmental primary health care facility in Qatar (Primary Health Care Corporation, PHCC) where he is supervising several research in the area of medical sciences and public health. He is also conducting research in the area of sports science since it is his main field of expertise.

In 2021, Dr. Ismail published over 20 scientific articles in peer-reviewed and indexed journals (Mostly Q1). In the same year, Ismail has reviewed over 20 articles in many reputable journals such as BMC Sports Science Medicine and Rehabilitation, BMC Medical Education, BMC Public Health, BMC Psychology, BMC Geriatric, Scientific Reports and Science of The Total Environment.

In addition to scientific research, Dr. Ismail has a particular expertise:  in the field of weight management with specific focus on musculoskeletal and endocrine conditions for different age groups,  in the design exercise plans that achieve strengthening and functional goals for sedentary population as well as for professional athletes,  in reducing risks for early development or recurrence of chronic diseases by prescribing specific physical exercise program and improving lifestyle habits that promote enhancement of health through goal-setting and advanced control of training load.