Local Speakers

Dr. Salih Ali Al Marri

Dr. Salih Ali Al Marri is the Assistant Minister for Health Affairs of the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar, since 2009 to date. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons (1993) and board-certified in Family Medicine (1998). He is also a Fellow in Health Care of Elderly and Academia (2001) and has earned his master’s degree in healthcare management (2008). Research in public health is his interest. 
He is responsible for vital departments such as Public Health, Emergency Preparedness and Response; Medical Commission; Pharmacy and Drug Control; Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety (from 2010 till 2019); Medical Relations and Treatment Abroad (from 2010-2016); and Health Facilities Licensing and Accreditation (2010-2019).  
Her Excellency, the Minister of Health of Qatar, has entrusted him to oversee and to ensure national level disease and health issues, specific strategies and programs are implemented as planned, and are aligned with Public Health Strategy. He is also a member of the Emergency Preparedness Committee being chaired by the Minister of Health Qatar. 
He is Responsible Officer (SRO) for the National Health Strategy from 2011 till 2019, to carry out the triple aim: Better Health, Better Care, Better Value with five Priority Areas where he leads one, the Enhanced Health Protection. 
He was formerly the Executive Director of Primary Health Care Centers for five years (2001-2016) and was concurrently the Chairman of Family Medicine (Hamad Medical Corporation, 2001-2002). 
He has recently completed the International Executive Master’s in Emergency & Disaster Management (IEDM) program at Georgetown University in August 2019 and presented a recognition as an Outstanding Community Engagement Awardee in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the graduate program. 
Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dr Salih Al Marri is an active member of the Covid-19 National Health Strategic Command Group to date, chaired by the Minister of Public Health and concurrently engaged in the most awaited event World Cup 2022 as one the Executive Vice Chairs of the 2022 Health Strategic Command Group (2022HSCG) for Public Health Services.