Local Speakers

Mubarak Saad Al-Naemi

Mubarak Saad Al-Naemi is the Acting Head of the Environmental Health Section at the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Qatar. He currently leads the four units within the Environmental Health Section, and they are the Air Quality Unit, Water Quality Unit, Waste Management Unit and Food Safety Unit. Mubarak’s extensive experience comes from his previous practice as an Environmental Health Inspector in numerous different fields and has been working in the MOPH, Environmental Health Section, since 2006.

Mubarak performed a major role in the implementation and enforcement of Qatar’s Human Food Surveillance Law no. (8) of 1990 (modified (4) 2014) through extensive inspections, auditing, investigations, and sampling in a variety of different types of food establishments. He was also actively involved with the MOPH Communicable Disease Control Section and a member in the food poisoning outbreak investigation team. 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Mubarak also played a major role in evolving the Food Safety and Environmental Health Inspections to suit the MOPH Covid-19 requirements. He was also actively involved in the implementation and enforcement of the Qatar Clean Program (QCP).

Mubarak holds a master’s degree in Environmental Health from Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom and a Bachelor’s degree in Safety, Health and Environmental Management (Hon), from Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.