Local Speakers

Magda de Lange, Head Research and Strategic Studies, ICSS

With over 20 years’ international experience, Magda de Lange leads research activities across different areas of ICSS work, including but not limited to the security of major sporting events (MSEs). This includes research to inform a comprehensive collection of operating procedures, mechanisms, and best practices to enhance the protection of vulnerable targets in the context of MSEs. Further research topics, she is responsible for at the ICSS include Health Security Interface, Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) through sport and enhancing the safeguarding of the esports gaming ecosystem. Magda enjoys exploring sports as a social construct that changes as power relations, narratives, and discourses change. 

Her expertise lies in applying critical research methodologies within an interdisciplinary framework and she holds an MSSc Interdisciplinary Child Studies and an MA Adult Learning and Global Change, both from Linköping University, Sweden.