Local Speakers

Dr. Mohamed Nour

Dr. Mohamed Nour is a Consultant in Community Medicine in Health Protection and Communicable Disease Control Dept., MOPH, Qatar. He is one of the few experts in the crossroads between health and communication. 

Dr. Nour built most of his 18-years experience around Outbreak and Infectious Disease Control, Community Engagement and Emergency Risk Communication. He was one of the experts who developed the first WHO guidelines on Emergency Risk Communication in 2018. He has also contributions to the Health Promotion and Health Education and has repeatedly used the (Integrated Marketing and Communication for Behavioral Impact: COMBI) framework to design campaigns to achieve behavioral change. He leads now the Community Engagement Efforts for COVID response.

Dr. Nour has published several papers on Public Health, Risk Communication, and emerging infectious diseases. He is currently leading the community engagement efforts to control COVID-19.