Local Speakers

Mohammad Majed Abu Saifain

Mr. Mohammad Majed Abu Saifain is a Senior Medical Manger in Hamad Medical Corporation with 30 years’ experience in the Emergency Department. From 1990-1999, he was a Registered Nurse in Jordan and from 1999 up to date at Hamad General   Hospital, Emergency Department. He graduated BSC in Nursing from Jordan University and MSc International Health Care Management from Essex University, UK.

His qualification as a senior leader and experience in the emergency care field has allowed him to look after daily staff from different parts of the world. It has shaped his confidence, communication skills and abilities to thrive to become a lifelong trainer and good asset to his department. 

He has worked at Hamad Medical Corporation since October 1999. Since then, the one subject that fascinated him most was the Accident and Emergency because firstly, of the enormous learning opportunities with the adrenaline rush all the time. Secondly, the power of teamwork that was always a key in providing care to patients. Furthermore, clinical decisions were taken faster, which had always shaped the team’s mindset to always be out of their comfort zone and be risk-takers. Thus, having various experiences in teaching Major Incident and doing practical exercises across practical exercises the previous years. Inspired by a quote by Emerson, "To leave the world a better place", he seeks to do his very best to reach his ambitious goal. He had done many educational sessions concerning major incidents, evacuation, and decontamination. Additionally, many exercises have been conducted for nurses and doctors at Emergency Department to upscale their knowledge and skills.