Professor Salwan K. J. Al-Ani, Ph.D.
Radiation Expert, NCPW- State of Qatar, 2009
Professor of Physics, Baghdad University – IRAQ, Al-Mustanseriya University- Baghdad- IRAQ,
Hadhramout University for Science and Technology, Yemen, 2003- 2007 and San’aa University, Yemen- 2007-2009
Editor-in-Chief, ARID International Journal for Science and Technology, Arid Scientific platform, from 2017 -;

Dr. Salwan Al-Ani is a professor of solid state physics and materials science.

He graduated a Ph.D. Physics at Brunel University - U.K. in 1984, M.Phil. Theoretical Physics, Surrey University - U.K. in 1981, and B.Sc. Physics (Hons.) from the University of Baghdad in Iraq 1977.

He trained at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy in the “Spring College in Condensed Matter on the Physics of Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures”, from 23 April to 15 June 1990. 

He is a member of several prestigious physics and renewable energy scientific societies. Dr. Salwan has authored and co-authored over 200 publications, abstracts and book chapters addressing a broad range of physics topics on materials science and solid-state physics including the study of the optical, electrical, magnetic, and structural properties of thin solid films and glassy materials, fabrication of the solar cells, photoconductors & electronic devices as well as high temperatures superconductors and the interaction of ionizing radiation with matter. His contributions include theoretical physics on models for the optical absorption edge in amorphous solids, image processing and the kinetic theory of gases / fluid dynamics - and its applications in wind tunnels as well as Physics Education.

Dr. Al-Ani has been selected the first distinguished professor at the College of Education for Women, Baghdad University – Iraq for the academic year 1996-1997.
He won in 1993 the (Shoman Prize) for Young Arab Scientists for Physics and Geology” (Jordan). He owns five patents in the optoelectronic devices of non-crystalline and amorphous materials form.

He led many scientific projects and research groups with industry and medical sectors on biomedical glass and ceramics, fabrication of solar cells, photodetectors and related electronic devices of solid materials, peaceful uses of atomic energy.
He supervised 20 Ph.D. and 35 M.Sc. theses and worked as a reviewer to many international journals.

 For his continued scientific achievements, Prof. Salwan has been considered one of the Iraqi scientists in the field of physics, according to the Law on the Welfare of Scholars No. 1 of 1993, and its instructions in No. (10) 1998 (IRAQ) and has been awarded in 2001, the medal & flag badge.

  He was appointed to different senior academic and scientific positions such as the Undersecretary, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research- Iraq (2000- 2002), Dean of a Faculty of Science, Baghdad University, Iraq (1998-2000), Head of physics department, Baghdad University, Iraq. (1989-1998), Dean of a Faculty of Education, Hadhramout University for Science and Technology, Yemen (2003- 2007).