Dr. Antonio Marttos’ current academic rank is Associate Professor of Surgery, Director of Global e-Health/Trauma Telemedicine, Co-Director of the William Lehman Injury Research Center, Ryder Trauma Center- Jackson Memorial Hospital -University of Miami.

Dr. Marttos completed his Medical (1993) and Surgical Residency training in Brazil in 1997.  He was professor of Emergency Medicine and Trauma Surgeon at ABC Foundation Medical School in Brazil and Chief of Surgery at Santa Marina Hospital in Brazil. In 2004 he joined Jackson Memorial Hospital for Surgical Critical Care and Trauma Fellowship.  At the end of his appointment, in 2006 he joined the University of Miami faculty in the division of Trauma and Critical Care.

Dr. Marttos, a pioneer in Trauma Telemedicine has been involved in numerous studies and clinical activities for the Defense Department, the U.S. Department of State, and the Florida Department of Health.  He created a statewide Trauma Telemedicine Network and received the health department’s Outstanding Leadership Award and the First Annual State Surgeon General Health Innovation, Prevention, and Management Award for these efforts. He is also deeply involved in developing telemedicine solutions to provide expert support in multiple trauma environments, including the Resuscitation and Intensive Care units, the operating room, pre-hospital and mass casualty.

He led the Telemedicine Education and Advice for Military Medicine (TEAMM) project, which linked the Ryder Trauma Center with the U.S. Air Force and has explored the use of telemedicine in mass casualty exercises with the U.S. Army Forward Surgical Teams, as well as in exercises conducted at multiple hospitals across Florida.
Most recently, Dr. Marttos has created an unparalleled Global Telemedicine program funded by the Department of State to provide trauma telemedicine support services in Iraq. The program has received national attention and is now considered the gold standard for such programs.
Dr. Marttos was a finalist for the 2011 Community Health Promotion Award, International Health Promotion Awards and is involved in the creation of multiple networks like the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games.       

In 2011, Dr. Marttos was named the Brazilian Olympic Committee Team Physician for the 2012 London Olympic Games as well as the 2015 Toronto PanAmerican Games.  In 2015, Dr. Marttos was named the Emergency Services and Disaster Manager for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olym