Charles E. Lucas, M.D.

Dr. Charles Lucas was born, raised, and educated in Detroit, Michigan, USA, where he did his medical school training and surgical residency at Wayne State University. Following completion of his residency in 1962, he remained on the WSU surgical faculty for the rest of his career. During these many years, he has been actively involved in all types of general surgical procedures and has had a sense of experience in the area of trauma and critical care. During these years, he has been involved as a member of many surgical and critical care organizations and has had the opportunity to publish well over 300 peer-reviewed manuscripts and wrote over 100 chapters in surgical books. Among his many activities with professional organizations, he served on the American College of Surgeons Verification Review Committee (VRC), which he chaired for five years. The VRC began its on-site trauma verification program in 1988, and the Detroit Receiving Hospital (DRH) was the first hospital to receive verification as a Level I trauma center in the USA. Following the onset of the pandemic in 2020, DRH became the first hospital to be verified by virtual technique. Dr. Lucas continues to do site surveys for the VRC.