Aileen M Marty MD, FCAP

Dr. Marty is a physician-scientist with over four decades of clinical and research experience. She has served on multiple national, regional, and international boards helping the World Health Organization with Mass Gathering Medicine and with the Health Security Interface, working for the United Nations as a Weapons inspector, and working at the White House for the National Security Council and as a Presidential Advisor.

Dr. Marty has a broad grasp of medical issues from the perspective of practitioners and policymakers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she treated countless COVID-19 patients and helped the county, the state, and the nation in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic providing counseling for the mayor, the courts, the schools, the jails, and business to help them navigate the best practices.

Dr. Marty also helped create and serves as laboratory director and clinical consultant for a High Complexity laboratory at FIU capable of diagnosing COVID-19. She is sought after by local, national, and international media to discuss and explain medicine and science developments and provides expert and thoughtful information and concepts for strategic planning. She has more than 45 years of research experience. Her research began in 1976 with work on vision studies in the lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) and spans to sizeable clinical research studies involving helminthic infections and drug interactions (e.g., Onchocerciasis and Ivermectin studies), clinic-pathological studies on the health impact of vaccines (Venezuela Encephalitis virus) on humans and rodents, epidemiological and laboratory studies on disease (leprosy in non-human primates), and heavy contributions to studies on the pathogenesis of Ebola virus on non-human primates, disease surveillance, and the public health impact of disease including legal, medical, and sociological factors.