Margo Mountjoy MD, PhD, CCFP, FCFP, FACSM, Dip Sport Med.

Margo received her medical education and her family medicine training at McMaster University, Canada and her sports medicine specialty degree in Ottawa, Canada. Margo received her PhD from the VU University in Amsterdam. Margo was the medical and scientific lead at the Health & Performance Centre at the University of Guelph where she focused her practice in promoting elite athlete care and physical activity promotion in the general population. In addition, Margo has acted as the national team physician for Synchro Canada for 20 years as well as for the National Endurance Training Centre Athletes (middle- and long-distance track athletes) and the National Triathlon & Wrestling team training centres.

Margo is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Family Medicine in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University, Canada where she is now the Dean of the Waterloo Regional Campus.

Margo is the Chair of the ASOIF Medical Consultative Group and a member of the IOC Medical Commission Games Group. She currently consults for 3 International Federations: FIFA, International Golf, and World Rugby. Margo’s areas of research focus on elite athlete health and well-being.

Projects for the IOC include:

  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport
  • Female Athlete Health educational tool
  • IOC Handbook on the Female Athlete (editor)
  • Healthy Body Image Videos
  • Sexual Harassment & Abuse in Sport: Consensus, Educational Tool & Working Group
  • Prevention and management of non-communicable disease
  • Exercise in Extreme Environments
  • Training the Elite Child Athlete
  • Youth Athlete Development
  • IOC Pre-Participation Evaluation Expert Group
  • Fitness and Health of Children through sport
  • IOC Injury and Illness Surveillance Task Force
  • IOC Academic Advisory Board: Prevention Conference
  • Upper and lower water temperature safety in marathon swimming
  • Non-accidental violence in sport
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Exercise in Heat: rule alignment
  • Athlete Mental Health
  • Injury + Illness Surveillance Methodology