Jorge Gonçalves Mauricio, Stadia Project Coordinator, INTERPOL

Jorge Mauricio started his career in 1990 working as a Police Station Commander in various locations before becoming Chief of Operations in a District Commander HQ. In 1994, he participated as Observer during the first free and democratic elections in South Africa. He joined the International Police Task Force for the United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNMIBH) from 1996-1997. He served as Police District Commander in three different districts in Portugal and was assigned to the position of Public Security Police Human Resources Director from 2006-2008. From 2009-2012 Jorge was appointed Liaison Officer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Portuguese Embassy in Cape Verde. From 2013-2020 he served as the Lisbon Police Metropolitan Commander and in 2018 reached the highest rank in the Portuguese Public Security Police as Chief Superintendent. He became the Stadia Project Coordinator for INTERPOL in January 2020.
Qualifications: Degree in Police Science from the Academy of Police Sciences and Internal Security, Lisbon Portugal.