William J. McKenna, MD
CEO and Medical Director, Heart Hospital, HMC Doha, Qatar
HMC Institutional Officer for Research & Chairman, Research Governance Committee
Professor of Cardiology, Imperial College, London 
Dr. McKenna is also Emeritus Professor of Cardiology, University College London, Honorary Professor of Medicine, University of Aberdeen and Adjunct Professor in CV Medicine at Yale, where he has contributed to the development of the Inherited Cardiac Disease clinic. His main interests have been in clinical and basic research of the cardiomyopathies. His recent work has contributed to the identification of disease-causing genes in HCM, DCM and ARVC, to the establishment of new diagnostic criteria within the context of familial disease, and to the establishment of algorithms to identify patients at high risk of sudden death.

Dr. McKenna was born in Canada, completed a BA at Yale University, graduated from McGill University Medical School with Internal Medicine training at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal and Cardiology at the Hammersmith Hospital/RPMS, London.

Academic/Administrative Appointments:

1988 - 2003: St George’s Hospital Medical School as Sugden Senior Lecturer (1987-90), Reader in Clinical Cardiology (1990-93), Professor of Cardiac Medicine (1993-2000), British Heart Foundation Professor of Molecular Cardiovascular Sciences (2000-03).  2003 - 2015: UCL as Professor of Cardiology, Clinical Director - The Heart Hospital (2004-08), founding Director - Institute of Cardiovascular Science (2008-11), Cardiovascular Program Director - UCL Partners (2009-14); Director of Inherited Cardiac Disease (2003-15).