Steven C. Hunt, Ph.D.

Dr. Hunt received his PhD from the Department of Medical Biophysics and Computing from the University of Utah, specializing in genetic epidemiology and biostatistics. He joined the University of Utah faculty in the Division of Cardiovascular Genetics, Department of Internal Medicine and remained there until 2014.

He then joined the Weill Cornell Medicine faculty in Doha and is currently a Professor in the Department of Genetic Medicine, specializing in investigating the genetic and epidemiological causes of cardiovascular disease, particularly hypertension, lipids, and obesity.

He has been the director of multiple multi-center collaborations in the United States and focused much of his research on family-based genetics in large Utah pedigrees. He and his colleagues reported on the first common gene related to human hypertension, angiotensinogen and have followed up by analyzing clinical trials of salt reduction to look at interactions with angiotensinogen.

He has conducted longitudinal studies of cardiovascular disease (25 years follow-up) and the risks and benefits of gastric bypass surgery (12 years follow-up). He is currently working on differential gene expression and microRNA analysis in hypertensives, diabetics, and the severely obese.