Professor Pier Giorgio Natali, MD, Ph.D 

Professor Natali is Professor of Medicine and Oncology.

He graduated from “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy, and trained in Experimental Immunopathology in the USA and has focused his scientific career in basic and translational oncology.

As President of the Italian Cancer Society and Scientific Director of the “Regina Elena” National Cancer Institution in Rome, he has also contributed to many areas of the fight against cancer including prevention, early diagnosis, education and advocacy. He has served in strategic international boards and Co-Founded the Chart of Paris. Dr. Natali has published over 350 studies with high citation record. He is presently Fellow of the Collegium Ramazzini and serves in the Advisory Board of Cancer Today Magazine, edited by the AACR. He is also the General Secretary of Mediterranean Task Force for Cancer Control (MTCC).