Nagam Sadik, MBBS, CABMS

Dr. Sadik has been working as a Consultant Physician at Hamad General Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation for a number of years. In addition to her input into daily admissions, inpatients’ management and outpatient clinics, she has taken active role in various aspects of service delivery and the organization and development in her work place.

She is a member of the Clinical Competency Committee supervising the Arab Board candidates throughout their four year training program. Dr. Sadik is a member of the Faculty of the Final Clinical Bedside Exam. She also meets the students every three months to provide feedback, tutoring and various aspects of education supervision.

Dr. Sadik is a current member of the Clinical Guideline Committee that is responsible for writing and implementing clinical pathways and guidelines for the most common medical diagnoses in the Department of Medicine. She has ongoing responsibility for teaching undergraduates and postgraduates both clinically and through lecturing and educational rounds and courses. She takes an active role in organizing clinical, MCQ and MOCK exams.

Dr. Sadik is a member of the Educational Faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar. She is responsible for supervising and teaching students while rotating in the Department of Medicine.