Professor Mustapha Benazzouz

Mustapha Benazzouz is Professor of Hepatogastroenterology from Rabat Medical School, Mohamed-V University in Rabat, Morocco. He was a Hepatogastroenterologist at IBN SINA hospital in Rabat for 25 years.

After receiving his medical degree from Casablanca Medical School at Hassan-II University, Morocco, he completed his residency in Internal Medicine at IBN SINA hospital. In 1990 he became Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Rabat Medical School.  He then went to complete a fellowship training program in Hepatogastroenterology in Yamanshi Medical College in Japan. In 1995, he became Professor of Gastroenterology at Rabat Medical School.

In the field of hepatology he has focused his research efforts on the study of hepatocellular carcinoma and viral hepatitis. He was General Secretary of the Moroccan Society of Hepatogastroenterology and Vice President of the Moroccan Society of Endoscopy. He is also a member of the Moroccan Society of Gastroenterology and the European Society of Hepatology and has held the post of Vice General Secretary for the Moroccan Society of Medical Science in the past.

He is among the founders of Mediterranean Association of the Study of the Liver (MASL). Currently he is the president of CME commission for hepatogastroenterology, a branch of Moroccan Society of hepatogastroenterology since 2009.