Ijaz Kamal, MBBS, MRCP (Ireland)

Dr. Kamal graduated from Khyber Medical College in Pakistan with an MBBS degree in November 1994. After doing his basic training in Pakistan with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, he moved to Ireland in 2003 for higher training. He completed the basic specialist training and obtained his MRCPI degree in June 2004.

It was his aspiration to complete higher specialist training therefore he joined as a research fellow and lecturer tutor at the University College Dublin and St Vincent University Hospital, one of the tertiary care hospital in Dublin, Ireland, where he obtained the practical experience of teaching and research.

His research work is related to sarcoidosis and he was able to present his work at Irish Thoracic Society meeting in 2008. He joined the higher specialist training in Acute and General Medicine and worked in various hospitals in the country and was able to enhance his clinical, procedural, audit, teaching and management skills. He was a member of various committees as part of his training which included drug and therapeutics committee and implementation of acute medicine program committee.

After obtaining his CSCST in July 2013, he started as a Consultant Physician, firstly at Navan Ireland and then at Cavan G hospital in Ireland. It was his great desire to work outside the Ireland and he got this opportunity at Hamad General Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation where he expects to further improve his academic and research skills.

He would like to continue his work on sarcoidosis and wants to be involved in teaching and would like to participate in the clinical pathways committee for the future acute medicine setup.