Dr. Matthew S Buckland

Recently appointed to the UCL Centre for Immunodeficiency, spanning Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts, Dr. Buckland works exclusively on the diagnosis and treatment of primary and acquired (non-HIV) immunodeficiency in adults and children, including the development of new diagnostic tests, transitional care pathway development and the short and long term management of patients undergoing transplantation for primary immunedeficiencies. He leads the UK Immunodeficiency Registry as the Chair and Chief Investigator and represents the UK on the European society working group.

This privileged position in highly specialized immunologic care of adults and children at a tertiary level is the only appointment of its kind for an adult physician in the UK. He has a background as a Consultant managing the wider spectrum of immune disorders and has worked in the industry in a senior leadership role.  He is experienced in the management of allergic disease, autoinflammatory disorders, primary and secondary immunodeficiency and the development and management of diagnostic laboratory services.

Dr. Buckland believes in patient centered services and has worked extensively with patient support organizations to help achieve this and is currently the medical advisory panel chair of PIDUK.