Dr.  Naser Habib Said Al Balushi
Medical resident at Oman Medical Specialty Board

Dr Naser Al Balushi is a senior resident PGY 5 at the Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB). He was chief resident in 2015/2016 in the psychiatry program at OMSB. He is a member in Resident Bylaw Review Committee at OMSB since 2016.
Dr. Al Balushi was a member of the “Your mental health campaign” at Sultan Qaboos university hospital. He is Interested in research and medical education and conducted different workshops as part of the dementia public awareness program, focusing on Alzheimer caregiver distress. He also participated as a speaker and facilitator in other workshops in collaboration with Oman Alzheimer’s Society. He presented two poster presentations at the European Psychiatry Association congress 2016 in Florence, Italy. He has several publications in scientific journals. He also appeared on national TV program and national radio channel talking about metal health stigma and child mental health. He has special interest in research and medical education.