Prof. Sharmila Dorbala. MD. - Virtual
Professor of Radiology Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston MA, USA.

Professor Sharmila Dorbala is a Professor of Radiology at Harvard University. Prof. Dorbala is a nuclear medicine physician with a special interest in nuclear Cardiology. She has been instrumental in setting the practice guidelines for nuclear cardiology. She has authored over 100 publications in original research, book chapters, and professional guidelines. She has conducted several courses and delivered lectures to promote nuclear cardiology practice. Dr. Dorbala is a consultant to NIH and IAEA. She has editorial responsibilities with JNM, J Nucl Cardiology.

Her conference lecture topics are:

  1. Imaging Cardiac Amyloidosis
  2. FDG PET in Sarcoidosis
  3. PET MPI Current status.