Dr. Harun Ilhan MD. - Virtual
Assistant Medical Director of the therapy ward Department of Nuclear Medicine LMU Munich, Germany.

Dr.Harun Ilhan is a senior physician in the Department of Nuclear Medicine, LMU Munich Germany with a main focus on radiotracer therapies. His interests include Radioembolization in HCC, Peptide-Receptor-Radionuclide-Therapy with 177Lu-tracers, Radioligand-Therapy with Lu-177 PSMA for mCRPC and PET/CT imaging. He was the recipient of the Alavi-Mandell Publication-Award (Society of Nuclear Medicine) in 2016 on his work related to Tc99m MAA distribution prior to radioembolization using SPECT and SPECT/CT. He has published extensively on radiotracer therapies. Dr. Haroun will talk on:

  1. Sirasphere Therapy in liver malignancies
  2. Current status of I-131 therapy in thyroid cancer
  3. radiotracer therapy for prostate cancer