Ms. Jeana E. Elgazar
Promotion and Awareness Programs Observer – HP & NCD
Public Health Department, Ministry of Public Health, Doha – Qatar

Ms. Jeana Elgazar, BSc in Communication, has focused her work on Health Promotion and Awareness for the past seven years. Joining the Ministry of Public Health - Doha, Qatar in 2015, Ms. Elgazar has overseen the launch of multiple awareness campaigns that target the State of Qatar’s general public. In her efforts to achieve and uphold the State of Qatar’s PHS strategic enabler, Community Engagement and Empowerment, Ms. Elgazar has developed and reviewed several communication strategies under the Health Promotion and Non-Communicable Diseases, Public Health department.  

Ms. Elgazar is currently working on health-promotion campaigns that focus on healthy lifestyle and maternal and child health.