Dr. Salah Mansor, MBBS. Facharzt. MD. FEBS.

 Salah Mansor is an Associate Consultant in General and Acute Care Surgeon, Leader of the scientific research committee Acute Care Surgery Department at Hamad Medical Corporation, and Associate Professor in clinical surgery at Benghazi University. Libya. 

 He graduated from Medical College at Benghazi University. He finished his residency in general surgery from the German residency program in Johanne Etieene Teaching Hospital Neuss, Germany, and got his German Board in General Surgery. Later he worked as a Consultant Surgeon at Al-Jalaa teaching hospital, Benghazi University in Benghazi, Libya.

 He is a member of the German Surgeon Association and holds the European Board fellowship in emergency surgery, he was also trained in Colorectal Surgery in Johanne Etieene Hospital and Al-Jala Hospital. 
 He has interest in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. He is an excellent academician and has published many studies in good impact factor international journals and many academic participations in international surgical congress.