Dr. Azhar Shabbir
(FRCS Ireland, FRCS England)
Diploma General Surgery AFPGMI

Dr. Azhar Shabbir is a highly accomplished and skilled surgeon with extensive experience in general surgery. He holds multiple prestigious qualifications and certifications, including MBBS, FCPS, MRCS, and FRCS, from renowned UK, Ireland, and Pakistan institutions. Currently, he is a Consultant General Surgeon and Lead Quality and Audit for Acute Care Surgery at Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar.

Throughout his career, Dr. Shabbir has held advisory and leadership roles, such as serving as an Advisor to the Royal College of Surgeons in England and receiving a Certificate in Senior Clinical Leadership from the National Leadership Council. He has also contributed to the surgical community as an Academic Assessor, MRCS Examiner, and educational supervisor for higher surgical trainees.

As a member of various professional associations, including the Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons, Dr. Shabbir actively teaches and shares knowledge. He is a tutor for clinical immersion courses in laparoscopic surgery and has collaborated on multinational studies and authored ACS pathways and protocols.

With over 15 years of consultant experience, Dr. Shabbir has undergone extensive training and practice. He has completed fellowships and holds a UK CCST in General and UGI surgery. His expertise spans advanced laparoscopic surgery, upper gastrointestinal surgeries, emergency surgeries, and complex procedures such as hernia repairs, hiatal hernia repairs, and pancreatic surgeries.

Dr. Shabbir is passionate about research, particularly in managing gall bladder diseases and CBD stones in acute cholecystitis. He has conducted studies on the outcomes of emergency gastrointestinal surgeries. He has earned a reputation as a highly skilled and respected surgeon through his dedication to patient care, research, and surgical education.

Driven by a commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing surgical techniques, Dr. Azhar Shabbir continues to make significant contributions to the field of general surgery.