We are delighted to welcome you all to the 3rd Qatar Acute Care Surgery Symposium. This event is significant as it marks the second Acute Care Surgery Symposium. Despite healthcare providers' challenges during the COVID-19 outbreak, we remain committed to delivering timely emergent surgical care.

The primary focus of this symposium is to enhance clinical services, education, research in the field of acute care surgery and team-based approach for surgical management in acute care surgery settings. 

We aim to provide comprehensive continuing education on treating critical surgical problems, highlighting current surgical options, modalities, and cutting-edge technology for evaluation, diagnosis, and management. The program is designed to foster knowledge sharing and skill development among experts to improve the care provided to patients with acute surgical diseases to our health care facilities. We acknowledge that other services may evolve uniquely to meet local needs and priorities.

Since its establishment in 2015, the Acute Care Surgery (ACS) program has delivered prompt, evidence-based, and goal-directed care to non-trauma general surgical patients with acute illnesses. These patients often present with a wide range of complex emergency pathologies. 

The ACS program continuously strives to enhance outcomes and optimize the delivery of surgical and emergency healthcare services across Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) through a team-based approach that prioritizes effective care and information-sharing processes.

We are confident you will find the scientific program engaging, featuring state-of-the-art presentations by international, regional, and local experts. The collective efforts of this meeting, attended by qualified physicians, will undoubtedly contribute to expanding knowledge, improving competence, and enhancing skills related to evaluating and managing critically ill surgical patients at HMC.

We eagerly look forward to meeting all of you and benefiting from this invaluable educational event.

Thank you.

Dr. Ahmad Zarour
Head of Acute Care Surgery

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