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The Research Forum will assemble on a regular basis to promote and encourage a research culture within HMC and Qatar. It will provide a platform where health professionals, residents, fellow and medical students in HMC can come together to exchange research ideas and be enabled to carry out quality research.

The Research Forum is envisioned to be a platform where anyone interested in research within HMC, can gather, discuss, collaborate, support, share and learn research. It will continuously evolve and with the passage of time provide the platform that enables, connects, supports and promotes biomedical research within HMC and Qatar.

Each assembly of the Research Forum will consist of 2 main segments:

Bring your research                      
This segment will consist of a panel of researchers and scientists who will form the Research Support Committee and will help and guide anyone conducting or starting research within HMC. Members of the Research Support Committee will provide guidance and advice on any aspect of clinical, public health, biomedicine, molecular and basic science research. Guidance will be provided on all features of research including forming a research question and hypothesis, literature search, writing a research proposal, sample size calculation, manuscript writing and paper submission. Prior registration on the 'Registration' webpage will be required with the Research Support Committee.

Present your research
This segment will provide a chance to researchers within HMC to present their ongoing or published research, around a central clinical theme. All presentation submissions will be classified according to a clinical or research topic. Researchers will be invited to present according to the relevant clinical or research topic for each assembly of the Research Forum.

Health professionals and researchers interested in participating in the Research Forum are requested to fill out the Registration Form for the respective segments, described above.

If you do not have a research query or a research project to present, but are interested in research and want to network and meet fellow researchers, you can attend and listen to presentations in the 'Present Your Research' segment from 2:30 - 4:00pm. Networking and informal discussions on research can also continue after the Research Forum Program closing.