Professor Ibrahim A Janahi

Executive Director
Medical Research Center

For nearly 14 years, our role has been to facilitate quality research that is the catalyst for the production of knowledge - knowledge which when applied in the decision making for individual patients, becomes evidence based medicine. In this endeavor it works closely with other Qatar government agencies, both formally and informally. As one of Hamad Medical Corporation’s three pillars, research plays a central role in ensuring our patients receive the highest possible standard of care. Research is important in creating the evidence base that can be used to drive forward changes in clinical practice to improve the outcomes for our patients.

It also enables us to understand the causes and mechanisms of disease and support the development of new treatments and therapies. We are making great progress at HMC in the development of research, and the Medical Research Center is at the forefront of this progress. The aim of the MRC is to promote and facilitate high-quality biomedical research. The MRC provides novice and accomplished researchers throughout Qatar with the funds, support and connections they need to touch the lives of the rightful recipients of research, our patients. We enable the brightest minds in HMC to collaborate on cutting edge projects, bringing together top researchers in the institution to work together on issues that concern them in their day to day practice.

HMC is seeking, as an organization, to evolve into a thriving academic health system that links together health, education and research. Research will play a pivotal role in our academic health vision. I am proud of the achievements of everyone involved in research at HMC and look forward to continuing our exciting research journey.