​​The Medical Research Center (MRC) at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is one of Qatar’s leading institutions supporting novel research and facilitating the generation of new knowledge to create the evidence which can be applied to every day medical practice. The MRC was formed in 1998 with the explicit goal of promoting good quality research. From its humble origins, it has grown into a world class facility supporting research, whose roots are in Qatar, but whose branches reach out to research and educational institutions across the globe.

Being one of Hamad Medical Corporation’s three pillars, Research plays a central role in ensuring our patients receive the safest, most effective and most compassionate care. In recent years HMC has been working hard to evolve into a thriving academic health system, combining health, education and research to deliver the best possible care to our patients.The range of our research activities at HMC is broad and deep. We support excellent research, as judged by peer review, which has an impact on the wellbeing of the public. To maintain the global research position we offer a diverse range of funding opportunities, foster international collaborations and provide access to the best facilities and infrastructure around the world. HMC researchers conduct research in almost every field, and are responsible to develop their knowledge through innovation and insight..


Our mission is to support Qatar’s research community in conducting innovative and ethical research by providing guidance, education and oversight. Research is important in creating the evidence base that can be used to drive forward changes in clinical practice to improve the outcomes for our patients. MRC has been a pioneer in research in Qatar, accelerating the translation of basic research discoveries into novel diagnostics and treatments that have a tangible impact on people’s lives.


We also support the training and career development of researchers and work with them to modify projects to ensure adequate protection for its subjects' rights and welfare and to inspire young people and engage the wider public with research. We are constantly striving to expand globally and add more International events and trainings. We are making great progress at HMC in the development of Research, and the MRC is at the forefront of this progress.

The MRC has a legacy, culture and environment that enable the unfettered conduct of some of the world’s most high-impact, cutting-edge research. Research will play a pivotal role in our academic health vision. The leadership at the MRC believes that lasting change can only occur through needs assessment and participatory research conducted with a commitment and a passion, and with the quest to continually work for the betterment of the world we live in..
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Contact Us:
Tel: (+974) 4439 2440
Email: research@hamad.qa

Medical Research Center
Near Staff Medical Center
Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City
Doha, Qatar