Registration Instructions for New Users

Instructions for individuals taking CITI for the first time
The CITI training and certification is available online for all HMC staff free of charge at  Depending on your role in research or research regulation the CITI program offers the following specified courses: Basic Courses in the Protection of Human Research Subjects; Good Clinical Practice Courses; Health Information Privacy and Security Course (HIPS); Laboratory Animal Research Courses For Investigators and IACUC Members; Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) courses; and Bio-Safety and Bio-Security for the Corporate Bio-Safety Committee.

The below screen shots will help new users to register :-

Basic Courses

1. To register for this course, visit: Click on the 'Register

2. Select the Organization Affiliation as Hamad Medical Corporation

3. Complete your information  - You will need to provide two email addresses

4. Please create a username and password. You will need to save this information somewhere for easy retrieval. MRC will not have access to it to provide it for you.

5. Fill in the rest of the information as it pertains to you

5. Continue filling in the information

6. Choose an appropriate answer as per the study nature.

7. If you are doing CITI for very first time, answer NO in order to take the required Basic course(s).

8. Select HMC Biomedical Researchers Basic Course and then click Next

9. Doing Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is now mandatory for all researchers in HMC, please make your selection below

10. Select No, if the Bio Safety Course is not needed

11.    You will then arrive at this screen and will need to choose the course(s) most appropriate to your research.
a.    Generally, this Biomedical Investigators and Social Behavioral Research (HIPS)
b.    The IRB Members course is for IRB Board members only!
c.    You may require to take additional courses depending on your study nature

12. Select ‘Yes’ Below

13. Registration has been completed.

14. You will now be back at your account’s home page where you will see the course(s) you’ve selected waiting for you to begin them. You can begin a course and return to it at a later time.

Your CITI must be complete and up-to-date for all of your research team before you will be granted IRB approval.

After logging into your account DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT! Select “Add a Course or Update Learner Groups”

CITI will automatically choose which course (Refresher Course 1, Refresher Course 2, or Basic Human Research Course) returning users need to take.

We are requesting all the HMC users to change their email domain address from '' to '’ and keep the information updated for future correspondence

The following modules are mandated to all researchers to be completed before starting the research (Including the Conflict of Interest (COI) Course):