Research Methodology Training program is an initiative by Medical Research Center to impart basic research ideas to the interested researchers to begin their research. The training program is being held for HMC researchers, to advance them on different research methodology, scientific and ethical aspect of research. The program is given by selected group of researchers who are experienced in the field of research education.

The four day training course includes:
  • Research question and hypothesis:  This topic includes identifying a good research question and hypothesis formulation and how to match research question to appropriate study design.
  • Literature review: This part critiques the selected literature, reviews the strengths and weaknesses of literature relevant to your research.
  • Study design: Experimental and Observational Study Design.
  • Systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Research and Biostatistics: Introduction, sample size and power calculation, sampling methods and data management.
  • Design and analysis of diagnostic test: Designing large scale epidemiological and public health studies and qualitative research.
  • Research ethics: How to prepare and obtain a consent form and workshop
  • Writing research proposal
  • Authorship and publication:  How to write a proposal and authorship and publication.
The participants are engaged in Critical Appraisal of Published Research papers and Interactive Discussion and also presentation of their own proposal.

We conduct three programs in a year where in there are about 40 participants from various fields like Clinicians (Specialists & Consultants), Pharmacists, Paramedics, Nurses, Dentists and Research Administrators, enrolling for each program. We have successfully conducted 3 training programs and have trained around 110 participants who are extremely happy with the program.  An evaluation sheet is filled in by each participant letting us improve our program.