Adult Inpatients

Inpatient services are provided for adult male and female patients who require more specialized care. A Consultant Psychiatrist will make the decision to admit a patient for care by the multi-disciplinary team.

This team of experts will work with the patient and appropriate family members to develop a treatment plan to aid the recovery and eventual discharge of the individual.
Emergency Mental Health Services

The hospital manages emergency psychiatry cases in collaboration with other medical departments throughout HMC’s network of hospitals.

In an emergency, patients should go to the Accident and Emergency departments at one of HMC’s hospital: Hamad General Hospital, Al Wakra Hospital and Al Khor Hospital. Psychiatrists are available at these locations for assessment, treatment and advice.
Outpatient Services

Following the successful discharge from hospital, patients may be advised to continue their treatment through outpatient appointments. Currently, certain medication can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist as part of the ongoing treatment plan and in such cases, patients will need to come to an outpatient clinic for continued evaluation and prescription renewals.
Psychological Services

The Mental Health Service offers a range of psychological interventions and treatments for people with complex mental health problems.