Physical Health is a Reflection of Good Mental Health

Welcome to the Mental Health Service, the main provider of specialized mental health care and treatment in Qatar. The Service provides a range of acute and community-based services which includes inpatient, consultation/liaison and emergency services. Additionally, there are outpatient clinics for adults, children and adolescents. Therapies such as psychology and psychotherapy are also available.

The Mental Health Service works closely with the Primary Health Care Corporation and other healthcare providers in Qatar to help patients on the journey to better health.

We also provide education for medical, nursing and allied health students. As a teaching institution, we are also actively engaged in research of relevance to the patients we care for and the disorders we treat.



Mental Health Service

JCI Accredited in 2019

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Mental Health difficulties can present in many different ways:
  • Changes in mood - quickly changing from very happy to very sad
  • Feelings of sadness
  • Raised levels of anxiety, fear or anger
  • Feelings of physical distress
  • Thinking about suicide or self-harm
  • Thinking about harming others