Inpatient services

A range of targeted services are provided for more complex mental health issues through inpatient services. The hospital also manages psychiatric emergency cases working in collaboration with other medical departments throughout HMC’s network of hospitals.

Adult acute inpatients

This provides high quality multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled treatment for people in need for specialist healthcare management. In case of more severe conditions, an admission in the inpatient clinic is arranged, where patients are treated and supervised by trained experts. 

Following admission, the clinical teams work hand in hand to develop a treatment plan that meets the patients’ needs, focuses on recovery with the aim of achieving the discharge of the patient when it is right for them to do so. 

Outpatient Services

Following the successful discharge from hospital, patients may be advised to continue their treatment through outpatient appointments. Currently, certain medication can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist as part of the ongoing treatment plan and in such cases, patients will need to come to an outpatient clinic for continued evaluation and prescription renewals.
Psychological Services

The Mental Health Service offers a range of psychological interventions and treatments for people with complex mental health problems

Community services

HMC has established a number of community-based facilities, including Enaya Community Care Center in Muaither, as part of a commitment to expand our community based mental health services. 

The Enaya Continuing Care Center in Muaither is a referral-based center that will provide patients with a “home-like” setting that is an alternative to hospital-based treatments. It is the first in what is expected to be a network of similar centers that will launch in Qatar to help residents with mental health issues.

The center provides a range of outpatient services for children and teenagers up to the age of 18 years old, and a daycare program for adult women who have long-term mental health issues. There’s also a residential service for women who have complex mental needs that require support but are not acute.

A team of specialists in community mental health care will also undertake follow-up home visits for adults who have had mental health issues, while a similar support program designed for the elderly will provide a variety of medical therapies in their homes.

A second community service has been established in Al Wakra and operates from Al Wakra Hospital. This service will continue to develop and serve people from the South of the country.