​HMC has established a number of community-based facilities, including Enaya Community Care Center in Muaither, as part of a commitment to expand our community based mental health services.

The Enaya Continuing Care Center in Muaither is a referral based center that will provide patients with a “home-like” setting that is an alternative to hospital-based treatments. It is the first in what is expected to be a network of similar centers that will launch in Qatar to help residents with mental health issues.

The center provides a range of outpatient services for children and teenagers up to the age of 18 years old, in addition to a daycare program for women who have long-term mental health issues. There’s also a residential service for women who have complex mental needs that require support but are not acute.

A team of specialists in community mental health care will also undertake follow-up home visits for adults who have had mental health issues, while a similar support program designed for the elderly will provide a variety of medical therapies in their homes.

A second community service has been established in Al Wakra and operates from Al Wakra Hospital. This service will continue to develop and serve people from the South of the country.