• Date of opening: 1982
  • Location: Doha
  • Bed capacity: 600
  • Areas of specialty include: Trauma, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Critical Care, Specialized Surgery, Specialized Medicine, Laboratory Medicine and Radiology
  • Tertiary Hospitals Group
Outpatient visits 2016: 539,070 2015: 558,612
Total admitted patients 2016: 134,508 2015: 144,987
Emergency Department visits 2016: 441,942 2015: 461,269
Emergency Department visits 2016: 441,942 2015: 461,269

Expanded Bone and Joint Center

The upgraded Bone and Joint Center was officially opened following completion of an extensive refurbishment and expansion project. The enhanced orthopedic specialist facility now provides a dramatic increase in capacity for patient diagnostics and treatment. The center also conveniently brings together services in an additional 4,500 square meters of space that includes 19 new treatment rooms, pain management and anesthesiologist services, a physiotherapy room and multi-purpose room for clinical observations. New services include an expanded radiology department with specialized CT, MRI and ultrasound capabilities.

Neuroangiography Suite opened

A state-of-the-art Neuroangiography Suite has been opened at Hamad General Hospital, providing advanced treatment technology for patients with serious blood vessel disorders in the brain and spine. Patients with acute stroke, tumors, vascular malformations and brain aneurysms, as well as children with developmental disorders in their blood vessels, are among those benefiting from the cutting-edge technology in the new facility. The Neuroangiography Suite is the first in Qatar to offer bi-plane angiography, CT imaging and perfusion imaging of the brain. This complex imaging system results in highly detailed three-dimensional views of blood vessels.

Prime Minister inaugurates surgical services facility

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, officially inaugurated the new leading-edge surgical services facility at Hamad General Hospital in June 2016. The opening of the facility significantly expands our surgical services capacity and provides a bespoke complex in which our expert surgical teams can treat patients using the most technologically advanced equipment. The new 10,000 square meter development features 20 ultramodern surgical theaters, a 19-bed Trauma Intensive Care Unit, a 15-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit and three hybrid operating rooms that provide state-of-the-art real-time imaging through CT, MRI, Brain Lab and Artis Zeego imaging technology.

Laboratory automation system

An advanced new Laboratory Automation System that specializes in handling and analyzing large volume specimens has been introduced. Capable of accommodating up to 96,000 tests a day, the computerized control system allows greater functionality such as quality control monitoring, the auto verification of results and the ability to collect data for further improvements. The implementation of the new automated system improves efficiencies, reduces turnaround times for tests to be returned, and more importantly, ensures that patient safety is maintained.

Hi-tech pharmacy robot system

Two state-of-the-art pharmacy ‘robots’, part of the MACH 4 Omnicell system, the biggest of its kind in the region, have been installed to significantly reduce the amount of time our patients spend waiting for their medications in the pharmacy. The new robotic pharmacy system is able to dispense 1,200 medications each hour and will enable our highly trained pharmacists to spend more one-on-one time with each patient. The new system has the capacity to not only dispense the medications in a more timely manner, but also has a special section for ‘fast-moving medications’ for conditions like diabetes and blood pressure which can be dispensed quickly.

Doha International Academy for Organ Donation

The world’s first international academy for organ donation was launched at the Doha International Forum for Organ Donation, organized by our Qatar Organ Donation Center. The Academy will become a hub for resources and training materials necessary to assist other countries to establish their own programs. The upcoming facility was launched under the umbrella of Hamad and will utilize the expertise of distinguished international faculty to promote education and research in organ donation in Qatar and internationally. The Academy will have a wider impact on the region by being a hub for collaborative research, education and training in the field of organ donation.

REACCREDITED IN 2009, 2012 AND 2016