• Date of opening: 1957
  • Location: Doha
  • Bed capacity: 364
  • Areas of specialty include: Ear, Nose and Throat, Adult Rehabilitation, Children’s Rehabilitation, Ophthalmic Surgery, Psychiatry, Acute Surgical Services, Dentistry, Medical Care for the Elderly, Residential Care and Child Development
  • Continuing Care Group
Outpatient visits 2016: 163,527 2015: 191,413
Total admitted patients 2016: 11,758 2015: 13,683

Same day admission for inpatient ENT surgical patients

In early 2016, the Ear, Nose and Throat team at Rumailah Hospital identified the opportunity to improve the patient experience in anticipation of the move in 2017 to the new Ambulatory Care Center and the new models of care that will be deployed there. A key change to the previous processes was to reduce the length of stay for elective inpatients by admitting patients on the day of surgery rather than the day before.

Improved follow-up process for surgical patients

In addition to shortening the length of stay of ENT surgical patients, Rumailah Hospital introduced follow-up phone calls to all day-case patients at home on the first day following surgery. This improvement was intended to identify and subsequently manage early complications, and used an internationally validated quality of recovery questionnaire to assess the patient experience.

Repurposing of long-term care ward

Demand for long-term care beds for patients with tracheostomies continued to rise in 2016. To meet this demand, Rumailah Hospital converted one of its general longterm care units into a specialty tracheostomy unit in August 2016. The newly configured unit is staffed by nurses and therapists who are specially trained to provide focused care for these patients, under the direction of the geriatric and long-term care physicians. Since the repurposing of this unit, utilization rates have been at 100 percent. By cohorting patients with specialty needs, the multidisciplinary team is more efficient and better able to provide high quality of care to patients.

Transfer of clinics to the new Doha hospitals

Following the opening of the Communicable Disease Center in the final quarter of 2016 and the commencement of outpatient services at the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute in December 2016, Rumailah Hospital began transferring a number of services to the new hospitals. This included the transition of rehabilitation clinics to the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute, and patients with tuberculosis to the new Communicable Disease Center for outpatient and inpatient care.

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