CIS implementation

In May 2016, patient records at Hamad General Hospital moved to our new state-of-the-art electronic system – the Clinical Information System (CIS). The implementation at Hamad General Hospital meant that electronic patient records were available in all of Hamad’s hospitals. CIS is a groundbreaking project to digitize Qatar’s entire public health system and provide each patient with a personal electronic health record. Together with the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), we have been working to implement CIS into all our hospitals as well as PHCC’s primary health centers. CIS enables all patient records to be stored and accessed electronically across the two organizations.

New customer service program

In June 2016, a new customer service program was launched to better engage with our patients and the public. The launch was part of a Hamad-wide initiative to improve the patient experience under a single customer service brand – Nesma’ak – which means ‘We are listening’. The program has a new five-digit telephone number – 16060 – which is now used for all appointment-related queries and answering comments and questions from patients and the public. As well as managing calls, all enquiries received through our website are now directed to the Nesma’ak customer service team for follow-up. Additionally, all Patient Visitor Centers across our hospitals have been moved under the Nesma’ak program.

Corporate-wide imaging solution

The roll-out of a corporate-wide imaging solution, which enables staff to remotely view images, submit reports, archive images and transport them if necessary via portable media, made significant progress throughout 2016. Images are archived for the Dental, Endoscopy, Ophthalmology and Cardiology Departments as well as cancer screening. The imaging system improves quality of care for patients by providing highly advanced images to aid accurate diagnoses. It also facilitates quick and easy access to patient images and reports. Tests can be performed anywhere and results are shared electronically between all facilities including Primary Health Care Corporation.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Accreditation

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics accredited the Heart Hospital and National Center for Cancer Care and Research under its Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM) with Stage 6 distinction. The accreditation is an international benchmark for the use of advanced IT to improve patient care. The achievement demonstrates that electronic physician documentation has been installed throughout the entire hospital with structured documentation templates – allowing physicians to ‘point-and-click’ from a standardized selection of options that facilitate future reporting and data analysis. This first HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 achievement in Qatar reflects years of hard work and dedication to improving patient care and business processes, made possible by our systemwide adoption of Cerner Millennium’s® electronic health record.

Accreditation for laboratory network

Our Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DLMP) successfully obtained accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Laboratory Accreditation Program for the entire DLMP for the first time. CAP certification demonstrates adherence to a high standard of quality assurance and control as well as staff qualifications, facilities, safety programs and overall management. Our Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology is the first integrated laboratory network in Qatar to have its laboratories accredited and now reaccredited by CAP. The prestigious body accredits clinical laboratories based on compliance with a rigorous set of over 3,000 standards.