Mental Health difficulties can present in many different ways:
  • changes in mood - quickly changing from very happy to very sad
  • feelings of sadness
  • raised levels of anxiety, fear or anger
  • feelings of physical distress
  • thinking about suicide or self-harm
  • thinking about harming others
A person’s mental state can be impacted by major changes in everyday life like having a new baby or the dying of friend or relative.

Additionally, changes in a mental state can also occur due to physiological reasons, such as in women during and following pregnancy; post-natal depression occurs in 25% of women following childbirth.

At times, work can become difficult to cope with because of a new location or new manager. 

Older people may experience confusion, which can be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia related condition.

There may be other causes of confusion:
  • head injury
  • other  medical condition - existing or undetected
  • a serious infection
  • reactions to prescribed medication
  • intoxication from alcohol and illegal drugs
Whether you are having some of these feelings for the first time or feeling that an existing problem is getting worse, it is important to get help. The Mental Health Service can offer expert assessment and advice.

Ask for help!