Healthcare professionals are invited to submit a proposal to present a Workshop, Intensive, Lecture or Poster Presentation across one of the below five Forum tracks. 

We are looking for your Quality Improvement abstract submission for the 2020 Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Doha, Qatar.

  • Safety
    To develop Safe care, not only reducing harm but also looking at normal daily staff behavior to understand how healthcare professionals succeed to implement safety partnerships to compensate for defective processes, and how to create a safe reliable system by improvement rather than blame, in everyday and extraordinary circumstances.

  • Improvement Science
    To learn from the best up-to-date on Improvement knowledge and methodologies, from soft skills of coaching to the technical skill of charts and tools, all to empower professionals to transform their healthcare system.
  • Workforce Wellbeing
    To offer multiple opportunities for staff personal professional development in improvement leadership, research, mentorship and  others. Also, share the critical components of a system for ensuring a joyful, engaged workforce, who are empowered to embrace change hence ensure higher productivity, with higher-quality patient care, including safety.

  • Innovation in Patient Care: Value, Access & Flow
    To explore all the worldwide innovations and technologies in different improvement arenas such as: value improvement and hospital wide flow sciences or health systems improvement for special patient populations.
  • Patient Engagement & Involvement
    To present the benefits on the quality improvement and patient safety in healthcare systems where patients and families are engaged and highlight the person centered approach where all staff, patients and families  are part of the ideation process by co-designing people-driven change for better care.

Submission Categories


These are 120-minute interactive sessions on a given topic which are held on the pre-conference day (Friday).


These are 240-minute interactive sessions on a given topic which are held on the pre-conference day (Friday).


These are 60-minute sessions on a given topic.


This is a graphical way of presenting solutions or practices undertaken in relation to quality & safety topics. It includes a combination of graphs, images and text and should clearly state the desired outcome of the work undertaken and the solutions implemented to reach to that aim.

We invite you to share your experiences in quality improvement and patient safety projects and programs that you have established to improve patient care.

Abstracts will be vetted by a Scientific Advisory Committee that includes an independent panel of judges. The judges will have final say of which abstracts will be included in the Forum.

Submissions will be reviewed anonymously, and by a total of 3 different reviewers.

Approved posters will automatically be included in a competition and the winners will receive recognition awards, with a final 'public choice' award going to the poster voted by forum attendees as their personal preferred poster.

The winning posters will be featured on the conference website and will also be announced during the poster award ceremony which will take place on the final day of the Forum.

The top 10-12 posters will be shortlisted for oral presentation sessions.

General Information:
  • The abstract submission website will be open on 18th November 2019.
  • The abstract submission website will close on 19th December 2019 (late submissions will not be accepted). 
  • Abstract authors will be informed by 26th January 2020 if their abstract has qualified for inclusion in the forum.

For any Abstract related enquiries, please contact