Submission Category: Select the submission category that applies most to your abstract submission (Workshop, Intensive, Presentation or Poster).  

Bio: In addition to the standard author details, the abstract submitter must provide a short biography (max. 200 words), with the following mandatory fields:

  • Title
  • Educational Background (relevant to Quality Improvement)
  • Work Experience (relevant to Quality Improvement)
  • Key Achievements (relevant to Quality Improvement)

Title: The title should be descriptive and clearly identify the contents of the abstract. It should be engaging, avoid acronyms and exclamation points and have a maximum of 50 characters (including spaces).  

Learning Objectives: The proposed abstract must clearly define the learning objectives.

Description: Provide a brief description about the chosen abstract topic (max. 200 words).

Innovative & Original: Focus on making an original and important contribution to quality and safety improvements in healthcare.

Qualitative & Clear Message: Be clear in stating goals, interventions and conclusions. Submit your abstract in a clear, concise, and well-structured way, with proper use of language and a title that reflects the contents of the abstract as well as the appropriate use of tables and other graphics.

Significance & Benefit to System or Patients: Try to submit a project or program that's has a significance to innovation, quality improvement, education or research achieved

Measures: Make sure your abstract is evidenced by a set of indicators for outcome, process and balance measures.

Sustainability: Submit a clear sustainable plan for the improvement efforts presented.

Authors: List the corresponding author first, followed by supporting authors listed alphabetically; include titles of each author. List each author and his/her institution on a separate line.

Affiliations: Please identify any affiliation for which there is a conflict of interest. 

Summary Statement: Provide a brief summary statement of your poster idea that highlights key points from which others can learn.  

Accuracy: You are responsible for the data accuracy and ensuring you have permission to publicize this in a public conference. 

Numbers: Spell out numbers only at the beginning of a sentence. Use zeros before decimal points.  

Symbols: Use only industry standard symbols where applicable.  

Tables and Graphs: Graphs and tables MUST include the source of the data. Titles of tables and graphs MUST include the measures and you should label all axes.  

Lab. or data values: When citing recorded values in your hospital, include units and range for normal.  

Abbreviations: Use the complete term/phrase before including the acronym or abbreviation in parentheses - remember there are others who may be interested in your poster who may not be familiar with industry / clinical terms. Remember to define your terms clearly and succinctly to avoid confusion.  

Poster size: Posters will be printed in A1 size - please incorporate this point in your design.

Remember to have others proofread your submission to look for any errors such as grammar or typographical errors, misspellings, etc. before you submit it.