How do I submit my abstract?

The process is fully automated and easy to follow. Please complete the online submission form here  

What to do if I need more details on how to submit?

Please review the guidelines here 

What are the criteria to ensure my abstract acceptance? 

A Scientific Advisory Committee grades the abstracts and assigns a score to each entry. The reviewers rank your submission using best practice criteria below:

Innovative & Original: Focus on making an original and important contribution to quality and safety improvements in healthcare.

Qualitative & Clear Message: Be clear in stating goals, interventions and conclusions. Submit your abstract in a clear, concise, and well-structured way, with proper use of language and a title that reflects the contents of the abstract as well as the appropriate use of tables and other graphics.

Significance & Benefit to System or Patients: Try to submit a project or program that's has a significance to innovation, quality improvement, education or research achieved

Measures: Make sure your abstract is evidenced by a set of indicators for outcome, process and balance measures.

Sustainability: Submit a clear sustainable plan for the improvement efforts presented.

What will happen if my submission is successful? 

If your submission is successful, you will receive a notification by Sunday, 26th January 2020.

Why might my abstract be rejected?

Submissions rejected by the reviewers for the following reasons: 

  • Inappropriate: The content was not relevant to the conference themes
  • Incomplete: The content was insufficient or unclear to qualify for acceptance
  • Results appeared implausible or unsubstantiated