• 5/31/2023

    Doha,31 May 2023 HMC’s Enaya Specialized Care Center recently held a Person-Centered Care (PCC) Recognition Ceremony for all the members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) on the 24th of May 2023.

    PFAC is a collaborative working group between patients, family members and caregivers who are working together to carry out the best practices of person-centered care. The PFAC members promote a culture of PCC across HMC as they provide guidance on how to enhance the patient and family experience in several HMC facilities.

    The PCC Recognition Ceremony at Enaya Specialized Care Center was officiated by Dr. Hanadi Khamis Al Hamad, Medical Director of Rumailah Hospital and Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI) and Acting Chief Executive Officer of QRI, along with Mr. Nasser Al Naimi, Deputy Chief of Quality for Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement, Director for Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute, and Chairperson of 16000 Health Sector Services.

    Dr. Hanadi Khamis Al Hamad was very appreciative of the PFAC in her facility.

    “The PFAC in Enaya Specialized Care Center works in collaboration with our clinical and administrative staff in the facility. Our PFAC members are very open to share their perspectives on how we can improve our services and initiate actions within the context of a person-centered approach to the delivery of care. Their contributions to promote a culture of PCC in Enaya have made significant impacts to our patients, the family members, our staff, and to the reinforcement of a person-centered healthcare system in HMC,” she said.

    Mr. Fahad Al Qadi who has been a member of the Enaya & DAAM PFAC for a number of years, said: “My feedback and ideals do matter to them. I feel heard and understood as someone who represents the community. They treat their current patients according to our guidance and recommendation, that is, with respect, compassion and kindness.”

    Mr. Nasser Al Naimi expressed his appreciation towards all the PFAC members and staff of Enaya by acknowledging their hard work, dedication and engagement in creating a person-centered culture for HMC.

     “We want to recognize our valuable PFAC members for their service as well as their inputs, which has made real and lasting changes to the way care is delivered to our patients. Their contributions are at the heart of person-centered care – ensuring that the patients’ voices are heard,” said Mr. Al Naimi. “I urge anyone – current and former patients, their families and members of the community – to consider joining our PFACs across HMC.”

    For more information on becoming a PFAC members, interested participants can send an email to PersonCenteredCare@hamad.qa.