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Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) journey to becoming a person-centered organization started with a vision of delivering the best healthcare experience by keeping patients and their families informed, involved, and engaged. 

This led to a sweeping commitment to establish a new benchmark for healthcare in Qatar, one in which patients would receive the care they require at the appropriate time and in a manner that satisfies their demands for responsiveness, information, participation in decision-making, and compassion in all aspects of care. The overarching goal is to not only improve quality of care, but to deliver a superior patient experience.

In March 2018, HMC’s the Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement (CPESE) signed a partnership with internationally renowned US-based healthcare organization, Planetree International. The agreement was signed by Mr. Nasser Al Naimi, Chief of Patient Experience at Hamad Medical Corporation and Director of Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute, and Dr. Susan Frampton, former President of Planetree International.​

Planetree provided HMC a clear path forward to achieving that vision by implementing the Person-Centered Care (PCC) Certification framework. The collaboration between HMC and Planetree strengthen HMC’s capability to delivering a person-centered approach to care. It also builds on the work that CPESE has done to improve staff and patient engagement across the HMC network.​​



What is Person-Centered Care (PCC)?

Person-centered care is a systemized approach to delivering healthcare in a way that centers on the perspective of the whole patient and their loved ones, while promoting a healthy, encouraging environment for caregivers, and addressing the health needs of the organization’s surrounding community. (Source: https://planetree.org​)

The philosophy of person-centered care focuses on:

  • Respect for patients' values, preferences, and needs.
  • Coordination of care for more efficiency.
  • Comfort and emotional support for mental health.
  • Information, communication, and education.
  • Involvement of family and friends.​