• 2/20/2022

    Doha: 19 February, 2022 - The Robotic Surgery Department at Hamad Medical Corporation, in collaboration with the Liver Surgery Department at HMC conducted a remarkably successful robotic surgery for a middle-aged female to remove a choledochal cyst, caused by a congenital abnormality of the duct and transforming the track of the bile ducts to the small intestines. The surgery was conducted at Hamad General Hospital and is considered the first of its kind in GCC and ME region.

    “The patient complained of severe abdominal pains and yellowing of the eyes and the skin. Blood tests showed that the patient suffered from a high rate of jaundice, which required further abdominal ultrasound and MRI screenings that showed extensions in the bile ducts. A multidisciplinary team of doctors, consultants, anesthesia and nursing specialists decided to conduct a prompt surgical intervention to remove the cyst and transforming the track of the bile ducts to normal.” Said Dr. Hany Atalah, Director of Robotic Surgeries at HMC.

    “We decided to use the Da Vinci robot to perform in this rare case to avoid any complications that might be occur in traditional surgeries which would require a 17-20 cm abdominal cut, while the robotic intervention required performing 6 small size incisions, which is one of robotic surgeries advantages in addition to the reduced surgery time to 6 hours. The patient recovered well and was discharged in excellent condition and regained her normal life only within three days instead of a recovery time of no less than seven days for traditional surgeries.” Dr. Atalah added. 

    “With all the advantages reflected in any patient undergoing a robotic surgery, such as a reduced blood loss to minimum rates, reduced post-surgery pain, fast recovery which helps improve the quality of life for patients, robotic surgeries also provide doctors with precise and easy access and enable the surgeon to control the robot through a screen. The robot performs the orders given by the surgeon through controllers.” Dr. Atalah stated.

    HMC continues to meet the latest medical technologies and to improve the knowledge and expertise of specialists to enhance patient satisfaction and ensure providing the safest and most effective healthcare for patients. This surgical milestone represents the outcome of the investments in healthcare in Qatar, which helps in achieving many advancements in healthcare services provided to patients in surgical services, that meet the international standards.