• 12/28/2022

    Doha, 28 December, 2022: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will open tomorrow Sealine Medical Clinic in the Sealine area of Qatar for the camping season 2022/2023. 

    The Sealine Medical Clinic has been operating for 13 years began providing Sealine and Khor Al Udaid campers and visitors and will re-start its services immediately ensuring HMC continues to provide safe, compassionate, and effective healthcare services to all patients in Qatar.

    The clinic operates from 3pm on Thursdays until 5pm on Saturdays throughout the camping season.

    Mr. Ali Abdulla Al Khater, Chief Communications Officer at HMC and Project Manager of the Sealine Medical Clinic, said the that the clinic plays an important role in serving campers and visitors which is also part of HMC’s commitment to provide healthcare services to the community in Qatar. 

    Mr. Al Khater added that the clinic is located on a main road adjacent to the Sealine beach to enable an easy access to the clinic. The clinic provides medical and ambulance services to all Sealine and Khor Al Udaid campers throughout the camping season. 

    He also extended his appreciation to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for their continued cooperation with HMC to operate the Sealine Medical Clinic project and all the respective parties for maintaining amenities and services to campers and visitors. This includes restaurants and cafes which have enabled the area to become an important tourist attraction in Qatar. 

    Mr. Al Khater also advised campers and visitors to Sealine to follow safety and security measures to avoid any potential injuries. 

    Dr. Mosallam Mosaad Al Mosallam, General Practitioner at HMC and Medical Officer of the Sealine Medical Clinic said that the clinic receives all medical and urgent cases and is equipped with a helipad and is staffed with a doctor and a nurse working under the supervision of the medical official. 

    “The cases vary from simple to mild including colds, stomach flu, burns and simple injuries and are all managed at the clinic which is equipped with all the medical supplies needed to treat these cases. Severe or urgent cases are transferred immediately to the hospital by ambulance or the air ambulance,” said Dr. Al Mosallam.

    Dr. Mosallam advised all Sealine campers and visitors to take precautions while swimming and urged the public to follow safety measures and traffic instructions to enjoy a safe and healthy camping season. 

    Mr. Saleh Al Marri, Executive Director for Events and Emergency Preparedness at HMC’s Ambulance Service, said that Ambulance Service coverage in the Sealine area operates 24/7 with two standard response vehicles as well as two 4x4 vehicles which are deployed for transporting patients from the sand dune areas to either the clinic, a standard ambulance vehicle, or to the helipad. 

    “HMC’s Ambulance Service will increase the number of ambulances to six, and five 4x4s during weekends and official holidays,” he said. “Air ambulance helicopters, paramedics, critical care paramedics, rapid response paramedics, supervisors, liaison officers, and operations managers will also be dispatched by the Events and Emergency Preparedness Section at the Ambulance Service according to its predetermined lead and control plans for events to ensure optimum coverage in Sealine area during the camping season.”