• 4/17/2022
    Doha: 17 April 2022: The Prosthetics Department at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has organized a training workshop on the use of a newly introduced technique Known as (C-BRACE) for lower extremity straitening in patients with limb deformities.

    The 3-day workshop has been conducted by the Ottobock Academy, the organization which developed the technique. The workshop, which took place at HMC’s Qatar Rehabilitation Center (QRI), was attended by a number of healthcare professionals from the QRI, Occupational Therapy Unit, and HMC’s Prosthetics Department.

    Mr. Aamer Ahmad Hawaftha, Supervisor of HMC’s Prosthetics Department, stated that the newly introduced technique is considered a breakthrough in limb straightening technology and will have a great impact on the quality of life for prosthetic patients who live with lower limb paralysis due to spinal or cerebral injury, muscular weakness, polio or other disorders”. 

    This innovative technique involves installing an electronic supporting device on the patients’ lower limbs and can be programmed to suit patients’ needs. It simulates the functional movement of joints, thus minimizing, to a great extent, the effort exerted by patients giving them more mobility and independence, Mr. Hawaftha added.

    The workshop featured training sessions on the installation and programming the new device as well as training patients on the proper use of the device to achieve optimum outcome. Participants in the workshop have been awarded an international certificate in the installation, programming, and follow-up with this Hi-Tech device.

    Prosthetic Services are available at QRI, Rumaila Hospital, and Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital. These services, which are provided by highly trained specialists in the field of rehabilitation, prosthetics, and occupational therapy, aim at improving patients’ quality of life and achieving a high level of therapeutic outcome.