• 9/25/2021

    Doha, 25 September 2021: As World Pharmacy Day is being celebrated globally this week, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) pharmacists are highlighting the essential role they play in healthcare in Qatar.

    The theme of this year’s World Pharmacist Day is “Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health” and the aim is to appreciate the trust placed in the pharmacy profession and highlight the critical role of pharmacist in improving patient outcomes. This 10th anniversary is an opportunity to honor pharmacy professionals and recognize their contribution to Qatar’s world class health system.

    Dr. Moza Al Hail the Executive Director of Pharmacy at HMC said: “Pharmacists played a pivotal role in the fight against COVID-19, as frontline workers, they have unarguably sacrificed, adapted and persevered in combating the pandemic.

    “We ask everyone to join us in appreciating pharmacy professionals across the country and beyond for adapting quickly in response to the most challenging situation.

    “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacists remained approachable and accessible to make sure that patients have had the care they need. I am incredibly proud of how they were able to deal with an unprecedented workload and ensured uninterrupted, safe and easy access to medications for everyone in need.”

    HMC’s Pharmacy team played a critical role during COVID-19 which saw:

    • 547, 894 patient calls answered by the HMC Medication Home Delivery Service (until August 2021)
    • With 350,188 patients received their medication through the Medication Home Delivery Service.
    • More than 1,000,000 items delivered to patients through the delivery service.
    • 104, 942 intravenous medications were prepared for COVID-19 facilities
    • More than 57,000 pharmacy interventions were recorded by the Clinical pharmacists’ team covering COVID-19 facilities.

    “On the occasion of World Pharmacist day let us thank the Pharmacists who ensure healthy living for us and for their loyalty and dedication to creating a connected Community care” said Ali Al Janahi, HMC's Acting Assistant Managing Director and Chief of Business Services.

    Dr. Moza Al Hail said that pharmacists were trusted sources of information about medications and the team at HMC had worked above and beyond to foster this.

    “Trust is essential to healthcare because there is a significant association between trust in healthcare professionals and health outcomes for patients,” she said.

    “At the time of uncertainty and vaccine hesitancy, pharmacists are an essential resource. Pharmacists, as medication experts, play a vital role in provided factual information and trusted sources about medications, vaccines and other healthcare issues for patients and our communities. We are proud to be playing this crucial role.”