• 11/21/2021

     Doha, 20 November, 2021: The Hamad Trauma Center (HTC), in collaboration with the National Traffic Safety Committee, the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Public Health, recently commemorated the 26th World Day of Remembrance for Victims of Road Traffic Injuries (WDR), which is recognized as a key global road safety event by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, the ninth consecutive year of commemoration in Qatar. WDR is held on the third Sunday of November each year and is dedicated to remembering the millions of people killed and injured in road crashes globally. In Qatar, road traffic injuries are recognized as a leading cause of death and disability, especially in the young population.

    This year’s WDR was run under the theme ‘Act for Low Speeds’ and Dr. Hassan Al Thani, Head of Trauma Services at HMC’s Hamad Trauma Center commented: “Every year the National Trauma System of Qatar must respond to hundreds of cases of mild to severe road traffic injury. The Hamad Trauma Center is certified and ready to provide world-class care for all victims 24/7 but, sadly, not all of these victims have a happy story. Too many of these victims’ stories end in death or a life-long disability. When we remember these victims, and their families, we hope that we also support the agencies that work to prevent and treat these injuries. We must all act to share the lessons from the victims so others will not have similar stories.”

    The National Trauma System of Qatar is a world-class, coordinated and organized response to managing and improving the care of severely injured. Trauma systems span the full continuum of care, from emergency care and rehabilitation to prevention and research. Working in collaboration with the HMC Ambulance Service and HMC’s network of hospitals, including the Hamad Trauma Center, the HMC Trauma System delivers a full range of specialized care to Qatar’s most severely injured patients. HMC’s Trauma System has gained distinction from Accreditation Canada International as a certified trauma system. 

    “We treat the victims of excessive speeding every day; oftentimes the victims are not the ones who were speeding. We must act to put the spotlight on the reduction of excessive speeding. Lower speeds have the potential to prevent many deaths and serious injuries, in particular those of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users – children, elderly and the those with special needs,” said Dr. Sandro Rizoli, Medical Director of HTC. 

    ‘Finally, we must all act to prevent more residents of Qatar from becoming road traffic victims themselves. Parents and older relatives must set the proper example for the youth, by following all road laws, so their families will not be counted among the tally of road traffic victims. We must all act to reduce the chance of more victims by driving within the speed limit, wearing a seatbelt on every journey and by putting down our mobile phones when we drive,’ said Dr. Rafael Consunji, Director of the Hamad Injury Prevention Program of HTC.